The other important part of "B&B" is of course breakfast! Our specialty is a series of international-themed quiches, of which so far we have fourteen! These include our Irish Quiche with Corned Beef cooked in Guinness, Potatoes, Baby Kale, whole grain mustard, and Dubliner or Kerrygold cheese!

Cajun Quiche with andouille, gouda, and corn
English Quiche with smoked ham, leeks, and cheddar cheese
French Quiche with camembert, thyme, bacon, and tomatoes
French Vegetarian Quiche with camembert, thyme, and tomatoes
French Poitou Pistou Quiche with Chèvre, Basil Pesto, Brie, and sun-dried tomatoes
German Quiche with crimini mushrooms, cambozola, and rosemary
Greek Vegetarian Quiche with spinach and feta cheese
Italian Quiche with fennel sausage, fontina, and mozzarella
Italian Vegetarian Quiche with aged provolone, broccoli, and sun-dried tomato...

and more..

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